Witness by Jo Fong, is a trio of choreographic portraits of three very different performers.

Jo asked me to be one of the two film-makers involved in this project which is part performance part documentary. My main focus was on the performance aspects of the film, but I also contributed to the documentary elements and edited the whole piece together with Jo.

The resulting piece is a panoramic three screen installation.

Luke Jennings, The Guardian

Luke Jennings, The Guardian

Witness was selected for British Dance Edition 2014.

I also put together a couple of trailers at different stages of production and a single screen version of one of the performer's portrait.

Choreographer and Director Jo Fong

Filmmakers and editing Filipe Alcada and Dawn Collins

Dancers Ino Riga, Eeva--Maria Mutka and Anabeth Berkeley

Music Giovanni Battista Pergolesi