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Welcome to my website. I am an animation director based in London where I trained as an Illustrator at Kingston University and later as an animation director at the Royal College of Art. Through curiosity and serendipity I have also branched into live-action, film installations, graphic design and film as part of stage productions.

I am a very hands-on director and most of the work on the site are projects that I took all the way from initial concept through to completion and delivery.

The animation pages feature commercial and broadcast work. I tend to design, storyboard, do the animatics, on larger jobs I direct a team and do final touch-ups while I composite and complete the post... on smaller jobs, I also animate. For some of the larger briefs I have also designed and delivered print campaigns to go with the adverts.

The film pages focus on my installation projects and collaborations with dancers, I shot most of the work, and did all of the colour grading and editing.

The illustration section focuses on fairly recent images rather than previously published work for magazines, newspapers and children's books... and if you like this page then have a peak at the blog. It is mainly a public outlet for my drawings and sketchbooks, that are gradually and steadily taking over my office. 

If you are in a hurry and want to get a quick overview of the work click here for a live-action showreel or here for my animation showreel. But if it's Friday afternoon and you are killing time until the weekend... then grab a tea, there is plenty to see.

I also have a large archive of previous work that I can send on request, including the award winning music videos for Moby and Add N To (X) done as part of a director collective, Illustration print work for the Sunday Times, British Council, Wallpaper Magazine, New York Times, Honda and Saatchi & Saatchi... character designs and more.

Do get in touch with any comments or if I can help with any project, I would love to hear from you.

tel: + 44 (0) 7939 226 040

e-mail: info@filipealcada.com

... or you can also send me a message using the form on the left.