This was the second trailer I did for the show. It was shot when all of the elements that were being worked on separately came together in the venue, it was a very exciting time.

This was the first trailer we did to promote the show, this was shot really early on and we only had some of the choreography to work with as none of the other elements were ready. So I had to be a bit more creative with the construction of the film.

New Movement Collective invited me to be a part of this multi-disciplinary promenade show at the Welsh Chapel on Shaftesbury avenue.

Based on Homer's 'The Odissey' the show combined dance, architecture, animation and interactive light technologies.

I had three film installations  in different rooms and I was also responsible for the promotion trailers and the film documentation of the show.

Music Track VIII of Crystals are always forming by Leo Abrahams/Oliver Coates

Upstairs, Filipe Alcada’s animations of flowers flit over the ceiling of the ‘lotus
eater’ room ... a place for transcendental delights.
— Josephine Leask, London Dance

Nest-The Installation

Nest-The Installation was an exhibition of the Stone Nest (Welsh Chapel) show.

We exhibited most of the Installations that we had in the promenade show along with two films that I put together with footage of the performances.


The opening night of Nest-The Installation at Testbed 1

This is one of the films exhibited as part of Nest - the Installation. 

It is a compilation of the rooms that the audience found and were free to explore.