Fox's Glacier Mints

Tackling these two iconic characters for a print and TV campaign was great fun and a big responsibility.

The Fox Glacier Mints campaigns have used Peppi the Polar Bear since 1922 and the relationship between  Fox and Peppy has a long history of TV campaigns since the 1970s.

Everyone involved in the project was keen to be respectful of their history, the idents should feel like a natural progression. This thought was prevalent throughout the whole process from when I was re-designing the characters all the way to final compositing.

The Guardian wrote an article about the idents that included the line "The love-hate dynamic between the two, and their very British sense of humour, remain true to the originals."...

It was great to read this!

Director and designer Filipe Alcada

Voice over

Bear Simon Callow Fox Paul Reynolds

Client Fox's Confectionery

Agency Hooper Galton