Pre -production trailer for Dracula by Mark Bruce Company.

The show went on to win the South Bank Sky Arts Award for dance.

Trailer Filipe Alcada

Choreography and Music Mark Bruce

Photo credit: Colin Hawkins

Photo credit: Colin Hawkins

Here are a few examples of early logo design options. Click on the squares to enlarge the images.

All the photos in the gallery are by Colin Hawkins.

The work I did on Dracula was at early stages of production when Mark was deciding on the look and feel of the whole piece. It is such a well known story that I think we both felt that we were walking through a minefield of cliches. We talked a lot about possibilities and directions that we could take before honing in on the final look. Here is the selected poster image and logo that we got to. Mark had a very clear idea of the direction the show was going to take and in that sense I feel that this is a very successful image. I wouldn't associate it with the film versions of Dracula yet it touches on one of the key elements of the book.

Apart from the logo I also did a bit of image retouching to make Jonathan Goddard (Dracula) a bit more cadaveric and to enhance the lighting set-up. I was working on another project so I couldn't be involved further in the final graphic design as with the previous piece 'Made In Heaven'.