Music  Morning Passages (from the Hours) by Philip Glass
Piano Music - Ruhr Piano Festival, Dennis Russell Davies & Maki Namekawa

Here is a quick montage of some of my live-action work. I shot all of the material except for the flowers footage, they were filmed by Simon Paul DOP.

The clips include personal directorial work as well as collaborations and work for several choreographers and dance companies these are in order of appearance:
Nest - New Movement Collective
Witness - Jo Fong
Reassemble - Filipe Alcada, Darren Ellis and Hannah Kidd
Long Walk Home - Darren Ellis Dance
Dracula - Mark Bruce Company
White Witch - Filipe Alcada, Darren Ellis and Hannah Kidd
Meeting (footage from the warm-up) - Wayne Parsons Dance
Made in Heaven - Mark Bruce Company
Interrupted 02 - Filipe Alcada and Darren Ellis