NickToons re-brand

These idents are a small selection of the NickToons Pixel characters re-brand that I directed. Over the years we ended up producing over 200 branding clips and short films.
The original concept for the pixel characters was that they were made and lived in a world made of pixels, flat squares of a single colour, they were part of your TV and at any point these pixels would come out to create havoc.
Each character was based on a classic animated icon, Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner, etc...
Over the years the characters and the design of the Idents became more complex and eventually we were taking them into very different worlds. This was particularly evident in the Music train short film that you can also see in this page, on the SuperToons season and on the History of animation short film (both also on this site).


Music train

This film took the NickToons characters on a fairground train across the world and from their namesake channel into Nick Jr.
The demographic of Nick Jr. is younger so the characters are in their best behaviour in this film. It was a gentle introduction to a younger audience that tend to eventually migrate to NickToons.

Director Filipe Alcada

Client NickToons